Commercial and documentary observational photography. Based in Auckland, New Zealand. Check out the links below or head along to my commercial site.

On Assignment: Auckland City

Panoramic view of the city. Note the rugby game in the bottom right corner.

Auckland City Art Gallery

Expensive shopping...

Vulcan Lane

Quay St. I had to time this shot to get the car entering the frame just as I pressed the shutter. The traffic light on the left lends an interesting element of distortion and distraction to the photo.

Skytower from the top of Victoria St East.

A pretty familiar view for Auckland city cafe devotees.

Harlem 23 and Deschlers

Paris Texas and Starbucks

Standing just outside the Metropolis, I wondered if I was the only person in Auckland with a camera and tripod at that particular moment...

Mercure and Britomart. I didn't notice the Vero building's toilet seat hiding away in the background.