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New Photos: King Kong Premiere (1/2)

Some shots from the Wellington premiere of King Kong:

Adrien Brody & a whole lot of lens flare

I didn't recognise a lot of the faces wandering around (I guess I'll have to see the movie!) but Adrien Brody is pretty familiar from such movies as 'The Village' and 'The Pianist'. I'm sure there are others... I have no idea who the girl is.

Naomi Watts is quite the star attraction. She is, of course, only famous for her role as one of the voices in Babe: Pig in the City. Shame about my photo...

There were quite a few 'extras' wandering around, adding some local colour:

An unremarkable photo, save for the fact that the woman on the right appears to be wearing a complete cat. Note the flawed long lens technique evident in this photo. The bokeh looks great on account of the f5 aperture at 300mm telephoto. Unfortunately, the depth of field was so shallow that the subjects walked out of the in-focus area in between the focus look and shutter release. I should have used predictive autofocus and I forgot. Oh well.

Hmmm... hosts... That dress really goes with the carpet!

My one photo of Peter Jackson, and he blinked! I kept on running up against the limits of the camera which was a shame. I now know why the pros spend thousands on clouds of auto-focus sensors, fast lenses, step ladders, 8fps burst mode, big RAW buffers (more than 4 shots would be nice) and let's not forget press passes...

I'm on TV!

Andy Sirkus doesn't look at all like King Kong. He does, however, look a bit like Gollum.

Window with a view