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New Photos: King Kong Premiere (2/2)

I don't think I'm really cut out for the whole paparazzi photographer thing, but here are a few b-list shots from yesterday evening:

I'm not sure if the lady on the left spotted my lens, or whether she was just playing the part of 'Extra lady who spots someone and waves...' I was probably partly invisible anyway, as some lady and her irritating friends were doing their obnoxious best to push me out my spot behind the fence (hey, it's not my fault my lens is the size of a small rocket launcher). It didn't matter anyway, because a security guy came along and told everyone to move because a car was coming through.

I counted three suited security guys, and about a zillion police officers - this security guy was not doing a particularly good job of staying out of sight!

This is about a 300% crop, but proves that I did find one other photo of Peter Jackson and co.

Mark 'Where's the orange juice??' Ellis

John Morrison the cricket commentator