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New Galleries: New Years 05/06

An enjoyable week away at Cooks Beach in honour of the old year becoming new. It was a great time with great people - I took a few photos, so here are a some of the best (and worst...).

Portraits gallery (24 photos + 3 new) here.
A couple of the photos (1,2) were taken by Paul.

In a futile effort to drive the cold winter away, I had a look through my photos from summer, and found a few new ones to share. All new and digitally (re)mastered - click here for the collection.

Landscapes & macro gallery (21 photos) here

Whitianga gallery (8 photos) here

Ultimate Frisbee gallery (5 photos) here

Waterworks gallery (18 photos) here

River gallery (6 photos - I may add some more later) here

Kitesurfing gallery (7 photos) here