Singapore Zoo

Day 10 of my trip found me in Singapore, with the plan in mind to check out the zoo. I'm glad I did - because this really is some zoo... Apologies if my animal recognition isn't quite up to standard:

Checking to see if the sky is falling (actually, a helicopter flew over)

A particularly tidy Otter (complete with sponsor)

Looping Seal

A profusion of little silver cameras greeted this Boa Constrictor

I had no idea these guys could swim and fetch

He's coming for you. What a face...

Mmmm termites

A particularly devilish Lemur

You do not want to meet this guy in a dark alley

Racoon on a mission

This Hippo seemed to be taking things easy. No point in rushing your afternoon

Quite a suit of armour in this... um... thing

30 degrees C and here is a Polar Bear. Fortunately, he had a nice airconditioned room to take breaks in, and big pool for swims