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Napier B-List Outtakes

The gang atop the Craggy Range. Matt is most likely taking a photo that looks something like...

A shot of the Craggy Range Winery complex (taken from Te Mata Peak) - for some extra detail feel free to download the 10 megapixel version (compressed down to 1.4 Mb)

For those wondering... taking photos of the ceremony wasn't the easiest process. It was almost pitch black inside the winery, so most of the photos were taken at ISO3200. I was having trouble holding the 90mm lens steady at f2.8 and 1/40s so I had to adopt some amusing camera grip techniques to stablise things. The pro guy was also using a Nikon D200 (as well as a film camera) - here he is, getting in the way of my decisive moment shot: 'Study of ring going on finger with pro photographer completely in the way'.

Rachael and Dave in Napier...

...and a close up!

Mum demanded a photo of the photographer - so here is one I took on Friday