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Winter Series Yacht Racing (Race 5)

Sunday afternoon featured the fifth and final race of the RPNYC Winter series:

There was a bit of wind - here Pretty Boy Floyd takes off enroute to the start area

The Farr MRX 'Loaded Hog' got up on a wave and pushed some water around. Large Version

The prestart was a mess - the line was biased towards the committee boat end, and there didn't seem to be much room

Soon after the start, The Guarantee tacked on top of Pretty Boy Floyd, and here you can see them tacking away out of the wind shadow

...which resulted in this remarkable event. Larger Version

Flying Circus off to a good start

The leaders rapidly headed upwind and out of sight

Pretty Boy Floyd leading at the bottom mark at the end of the 2nd leg

A bit of a kite wrap on Flying Circus

...but they got it sorted out...

Pretty Boy Floyd splits away from The Guarantee on the 3rd leg

...and approaches my camera. Larger Version

...before tacking. Larger Version

Esprit hitting a wave

Marishka at the bottom mark - I changed my vantage point from the NIWA complex to the other side of Evans Bay

Pretty Boy Floyd rolling in with the big kite up, and a fair bit of speed on. Larger Version

...maybe a bit too much speed because they wrapped their kite around their keel

...which held them up for a minute or so. Larger Version

The Guarantee coming in to the bottom mark. Larger Version

Resolve leads this trio (Esprit & Flying Fish)

A narrow gap at the bottom mark. Larger Version