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RPNYC Spring Sailing Series (Race 2)

A decent breeze (Wellington style) for the latest round of sailing:

Esprit and Andiamo exiting the marina

The Guarantee tacking during the prestart

Nedax Backchat, One Red Dog, and The Guarantee (background) during the prestart

Pretty Boy Floyd in some breeze

Astruso doing a practice run

Andiamo about to tack...

A ragged start with most of the yachts at the starboard end of the line. Starlight Express and Flying Boat (out of frame) seemed to do the best...

The Interisland ferry dwarfing PBF

Starlight Express on the final beat, eyeing The Guarantee as it blasts downwind

Nedax and Flying Boat battling as the bottom mark approaches

Astruso at high speed

Gucci got a little caught out, Resolve was catching up but...

...not for long

Starlight Express going like a train across the finish, taking line honours

Andiamo heading for second, as Eat My Shorts struggles back to the marina

The Guarantee crossing the line

Flying Boat at high speed - look at the mast bend

Nedax Backchat with a bowwave that seems to be level with the kite pole

Flying Circus surging across the finish

Gucci still carrying some speed just after finishing

Resolve wallowing across the line, just behind Gucci

One Red Dog approaching the finish...

...trips over a wave and buries the bow...

...and everything turns to custard

a recovery (of sorts)

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