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I Walk to Work

Wellington seems to offer unlimited photographic opportunities. I had the 50mm lens sitting on the camera from last night, so I figured it'd make the perfect accessory to enliven my walk to work. The 50mm is quite the opposite of what a lens should be - it doesn't zoom, it is amusingly cheap (Nikon's cheapest, in fact), its effective focal length (75mm) is neither wide nor telephoto; but it is tiny, light, and sharp. This type of lens was put to good use by photographic luminaries such as Henri Cartier-Bresson for street photography, and as far as I'm concerned being stuck at 50mm is a great way to force myself to move my feet and compose around the lines and shapes that I want in the photo. Anyway, here are the photos:

1 - traditional building corners in Cuba St

2 - seemingly engrossed in busking

3 - I loathe the (notorious) bucket fountain, and until today, refused to take any photos of it

4 - view towards a building site in the central city

5 - one of Wellington's attempts at a skyscraper

6 - ah, work, tied up in a web of trolley bus wires...

7 - Lieberman, M.B. and Montgomery, D.B. (1988). First-Mover Advantages. Strategic Management Journal, 9:41-58. Today's recipient of the St George award for 'most uninformative abstract in a A-grade journal'. This is what the rest of my life looks like - thank goodness for photography!