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RPNYC Sailing Summer Series (Race Day 3)

1 - Pretty Boy Floyd approaching Pt. Jerningham, and getting ready to tack

2 - Esprit during the prestart

2.3 - Astruso, on starbord during the prestart

2.6 - Flying Boat

3 - race one start

3.5 - Astruso didn't fare well in the first race, the high angles required by the big asymmetric gennaker probably didn't help

4 - Blue Magic tacking in close to shore

4.5 - ...and heading back into the fray

5 - here was a surprise - The Guarantee leads the larger Pretty Boy Floyd across the finish

5.3 - First monohull across the line

5.6 - Race two, and some close matches downwind (from left, One Red Dog, Astruso (under a symmetric kite this time), and Farr 1020s Flying Fish and Resolve)

6 - arch rivals The Guarantee, Nedax, and Flying Boat

6.5 - Flying Circus seemed to have a quiet afternoon

7 - approaching the finish of race 2, a close battle between Nedax and Flying Boat

7.5 - Marishka (larger 1280px version)

8 - Nedax previously featured in this (now famous) photo

9 - A closer look at Nedax's roachy new mainsail.