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Fire on Pataua Island

New Years Day featured an impressive scrub fire on the side of the hill overlooking Pataua. Fire-engines, firefighters, a helicopter, and a lot of interested onlookers were all in evidence...


2 - the fire was getting quite well established


4 - firefighters watching the scene

5 - the helicopter arrived, and set to work

6 - Dave and I managed to capture the helicopter refueling, here the pilot is carefully taking off after taking on a load of fuel

7 - hard to keep the camera steady in the downdraft, perhaps I was a little too close to the action :)

8 - Night fell, and the fire restarted itself. I was photographing the sunset from the hill, noting with growing alarm the billows of smoke behind and below me. Firefighters returned, and the scene here shows them carrying some sort of portable pump over the rocks. Not easy for them, and not easy for me to photograph!

9 - The fire brigade in residence

10 - The helicopter flies in and and drops the first of many loads...

11 - 30 second exposure captures the complete sequence. Lights on the rocks are firefighters' torches

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