Wings Over Wairarapa (Part 1)

The first installment of shots from Wings Over Wairarapa:

1 - I've been waiting for a while to get a chance to see the Corsair




5 - Corsair and a pair of P40 Kittyhawks. The photo looks a bit cartoon-ish - mostly because it was impossible to do a good job of exposing the sky and the planes at the same time - shots could be either silhouttes, washed out in white, or cartoons...


7 - P51 Mustang (oh, yes)

8 - WW1 style Bristol Fighter (replica)

9 - mock dogfight between three WW1 style planes

10 - Pitts Special doing what a Pitts Special does well...

11 - PBY Catalina flying boat

12 - some sort of Russian aerobatics plane performing a bunch of nose over tumbles

13 - Russian biplane blasting over the VIP stand

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