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Cuba Street Carnival: Friday Night

The 'Real Hot Bitches' dance troupe proved to be an interesting photo opportunity - they were doing some sort of demo for TV in Cuba St, in preparation for a record breaking synchronised dance stunt on Saturday night.

1 - not the most demure bunch...



3 - plenty of opportunities for complex, meaningful...

4 - ...and subtly understated photographic compositions.

5 - Case in point. He looks pleased, no idea why


7 - as Borat would say, 'Very nice...'



10 - a stunning array of dance moves, as the troupe work themselves into a frenzy over Bon Jovi's 'Shot to the Heart'



New Zealand street performer Basketball Jones in action:


2 - the random Ferrari kid was a lucky volunteer...

3 - ...and was richly rewarded with a bit of help

Crowds on Friday night were nothing compared to Saturday, but anyway...

UK comedian Mr Quirk was most entertaining:

1 - study of splits combined with blood curdling scream

2 - scanning for good looking volunteers

3 - doing the juggling thing



6 - I figured he was building up to something...

7 - oh, right

8 - the old rubber glove over the head trick


10 - the grand finale, juggling knives on a one wheeled bike, and (seconds later) coming straight for me... it was a little unnerving...