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Rugby Sevens World Series Parade 2007

Wellington is playing host to the IRB Sevens World Series this weekend. This afternoon the teams paraded through the city centre...

1 - ready for surgery?

2 - the Fijian team seemed pleased to be there, although this caused a few headaches for the organisers

3 - Australians

4 - South Africans

5 - the New Zealand team's fearsome entourage

6 - New Zealand Sevens squad for Wellington:
Charles Baxter (Bay of Plenty)
Tomasi Cama (Manawatu)
Edwin Cocker (Otago)
DJ Forbes (Auckland)
Nigel Hunt (Wellington)
Tafai Ioasa (Hawke’s Bay, captain)
Solomon King (Bay of Plenty)
Zar Lawrence (North Harbour)
Afeleke Pelenise (Canterbury)
Lote Raikabula (Hawke’s Bay)
Nick Thomson (Canterbury)
Steven Yates (Canterbury)


8 - NZ coach Gordon Tietjens

9 - a familiar face hiding at the back

Of course, it wasn't all about the players...

10 - Elvis sighting...

11 - not quite sure what this was about

12 - dancing types


14 - pump girls

15 - look! look! A perfect girl! (I'm glad someone thought to label her, I'd never have known)