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Vodafone X*Air 2007

Vodafone X*Air finally did its thing on Sunday. I'm sure it was a great event if you were a 12 year old with baggy jeans and a skateboard...

1 - Steriogram singer Tyson Kennedy in full flight - he dived off the stage at the beginning of their first song...

2 - the breakers (sorry, not breakdancers) did their thing

3 - flyyyyyyy... one of the bikers managed a no-hands backflip, but I didn't catch it

4 - the bikini contest

5 - bikini contest official photographers - for once, not a Canon in sight. Clearly Nikons, Pentaxs, and Fujifilms are much better for this sort of subject

6 - uhmmm, hmmmm

7 - the ramp provided some good action - note the extreme photographer guy who seems to make a point of turning up in all the craziest places. He also doesn't need to look through the camera viewfinder to aim his shots


9 - Samsung girls

10 - Community Constable in flight

11 - highlight of the day. There's that photographer again...