I'm back in Wellington, and I'm now the proud owner of (a) a cold, and (b) a very nice Asus Z53J laptop (1.6Mhz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 1Gb Ram, 100Gb hard drive, Windows Vista).

Needless to say, the laptop is great, and the cold isn't.

Vista seems to work well - I had a bit of a battle trying to get it to show image thumbnails for my RAW files, but fortunately irfanview came to my rescue. Vista's habit of endlessly confirming and re-confirming whenever I want to do something is going to get old rather quickly.

I'll put some photos up when I'm up to speed - coming attractions include Deborah and Kynan's wedding, and a day out watching a practice and test day at Pukekoe Raceway.