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Turning Two

1 - So, David St George Photography turns two today. I wasn't entirely sure what being a two year-old entails, so I did a quick literature search:
"Two-year-olds like to be independent! Favorite words are "Mine" and "No" and "I do it!" Emotions take on a roller coaster-like quality as 2-year-olds can go from excitement to anger to laughter within a few moments. A great deal of time is spent exploring, pushing, pulling, filling, dumping, and touching."

Uh, okay. Pushing and pulling I can do. Dumping? Not too sure...

I reported this time last year that the blog had seen just over 5,000 visitors in its first year of operation. So far this month, the site has hosted just over 3,200 visitors. Not bad. Most of the visitors (about 70%) come because of a single picture, which just happens to be ranked no.1 if you search for large images of white tigers on google images. Judging by the site stats, there's only a handful of people who follow the blog post-by-post, and the number hasn't really increased or decreased over the year. It probably says something about my lack of specialisation, but, when you're only a one year-old, you can pretty much do what you like.

There should be some interesting photographic explorations coming up in the next year. I have a few ideas queued up and waiting for time, opportunities, and (sigh) money. Stay tuned.