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RPNYC Sailing Winter Series (Race 1)

Plenty of action (and confusion) out on the harbour for the first race of the winter series:

1 - a bit of congestion in the prestart

2 - just after the gun...

3 - Pretty Boy Floyd was over the line at the gun...

4 - ...and turned back to re-start

5 - meanwhile the fleet heads upwind

6 - as PBF recovers

7 - Andiamo leads at the bottom mark

8 - The Guarantee having spinnaker issues...

9 - Flying Boat rounds on the inside, and the race is on...

10 - ...but Flying Boat tacks away

11 - Flying Circus heading upwind

12 - Clear Vision tacks, and gets a caught in a puff

13 - ...meanwhile, the rest of the fleet is rounding the bottom mark

14 - Flying Colours experiments with an air brake. Note the tear just next to the sail no.

15 - Esprit and Loaded Hog roll past Flying Colours as it sorts out its wayward kite


17 - not a good idea to run over your kite, but Cantilena seemed to sort themselves out

18 - Andiamo rolling along in the second run

19 - ...right past the bottom mark

20 - PBF makes the same mistake, meanwhile, The Guarantee spots an opportunity

21 - ...and drapes their kite all over their rig

22 - Andiamo re-rounds the mark between The Guarantee and Flying Boat

23 - Andiamo on starboard, with the bowman making sure Flying Boat gives way...

24 - strangely, Andiamo bears off, and disappears downwind

25 - lots of gesturing

26 - ...and discussions with the Committee Boat

27 - ...and more pointing and arm waving...

28 - no idea what this was about


30 - St Laurence takes line honours

31 - ...followed by The Guarantee and Flying Boat

32 - full race results are here

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