AIB Conference in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis trip was mostly about going to the Academy of International Business (AIB) annual meeting. I attended the doctoral consortium on the first day, and presented my ongoing work to Professors Alain Verbeke, Jane Lu, and Klaus Meyer. On the third day of the conference, I presented the same thing again, but to a small audience as part of an Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA) special session for 'emerging researchers'.

1 - I took my camera along to the AIB gala dinner at the Eiteljorg Museum on the third day of the conference. It was within 5 min walk of the hotel, which suited everyone just fine... here's a small outdoor water feature....

2 - the dinner was a bit strange - kindof a combined sit down/ stand up deal, with food that didn't know whether it wanted to be eaten on a small plate standing up, or on a big plate sitting down.

3 - I tried my luck at some random photography - here's Prof. Ito, who happens to be my PhD supervisor's oftenest co-author. Ito and my supervisor made sure I was introduced to the 'right' people... very important, all that...

4 - Marie-Ann from the University of Munster, in Germany


6 - Clara, from somewhere I don't recall

7 - Professor John Dunning, a famous name in the discipline

8 - after dinner there was a chance to wander about in the museum, looking at the cowboys and Indians and things...

9 - General "Mad " Anthony Wayne's flag

10 - Srividya (from the Wharton School) and her carriage


12 - I was intrigued by the funky clip-on glass holders. They even had a logo... very nice!


13 - the keynote address was given by James T. Morris, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme



15 - The last night of the conference featured dinner with Profs Rose and Ito at Shula's Restaurant - the menu (mostly consisting of large pieces of steak) was written on a gridiron ball. If you look closely, you can see that they offer a 48oz Porterhouse if you're particularly daring (and feel like eating a complete buffalo). Amanda (pictured) found the whole thing quite amusing...

16 - if you manage to eat all 48oz, you get to join the club. The photo doesn't quite do the hunk of meat justice - it was more spherical than flat... And yes, that is a lobster on the left.


17 - I wasn't planning on doing a great photographic essay on airport interiors, but this is the United Airlines end of Chicago O'Hare Airport. Not bad... United Airlines turned out to be a bit agricultural. A 45min delay on the tarmac in a hot, packed plane didn't improve my impressions much... nor, for that matter, the 3 days worth of food that was spread all over the floor. Listening to the Air Traffic Control was pretty cool though.

18 - ...and this is looking outside from the Auckland domestic terminal, just before heading back to Wellington. The weather hasn't improved much!