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Latent Extensity

Arctic weather and excessive work conspired against my usual weekend photographic endeavours, so in sheer frustration I put the 50mm on the camera, and captured a few random photos on my Sunday walk in to work. Here are 3 explorations of dimensionality to start the week...

1 - the fern'd sphere suspended over Civic Square

2 - composition around a cross motif using the conveniently interesting 2nd front door to the apartment building. The horizontal axis of the cross "...represents the path from birth to death, beginning to end, and linear time. This axis represents life on earth as a binary, linear process- life to death, beginning to end, and the dual nature of human existence evidenced by our symmetrical shapes: left and right, male and female, good and evil."

3 - detail (there's that cross again) of a decidedly solid and 2 dimensional mural outside one of the art shops in Ghuznee St.