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We Wants It, We Needs It, We Must Have...

Check out this video on a new resizing technique for photos - it looks at the content and resizes by taking out (or adding) blank bits of sky before it starts attacking important content. The video explains it a little better than I just did! More details here.

In other news, it is new camera announcement season. Canon-ites already had the monster 10 megapixel, 10 frame per second 1d mkIII (complete with auto-focus teething problems), and now they have the 21 megapixel 1ds mkIII uber-camera ($10k anyone?), and the 40D (the competitor to my Nikon D200). Nikon's announcements are due before the end of the week. It's a curious feeling when your camera, which was near state of the art a week ago, suddenly isn't anymore. Of course, the photos it takes are still the same... If you're curious about what a 21 megapixel photo looks like, Canon kindly have a sample (9mb jpeg) here of a very nice looking model, taken with the grapefruit sized (and morbidly expensive) 85mm f1.2 lens. Naturally, the seething mob of photography forum dwellers have lost no time in spotting 'noise', 'chromatic aberrations', and 'moire'.