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Kapiti Island Expedition

1 - Chiara had a couple of Kapiti Island visitor permits, so we figured an intrepid mid-week expedition was in order...

2 - ...and here I am turning 28 (or possibly 218, if you are in the habit of reading forks) and looking unaccustomed to being on the other side of a camera. If I look a little tired, it's because...

3 - ...we had to catch the train at 6.55am

4 - Anyway, the island is just of the West Coast, north of Wellington...

5 - boat launching into the surf must be a challenge

6 - the ferry

7 - arriving on the island was easy enough, to the right you can see the local Kaumatua, who was on site to supervise the removal of a number of bats that were departing the scene

8 - 20 minute talk from one of the DOC guys

9 - lots of bird life around the place, I was surprised to see this Kereru walking about on the beach


11 - Of course, Wekas were rambling about and trying to get into bags, food, cameras, and everything. Their fascination for the pasta muffins was quite something...

12 - Not something you're likely to see every day - a Takahe taking a bath


14 - 'Did you just call me as a big purple hen?'

15 - Black Robin

16 - quite a bit of driftwood around the place...