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RPNYC Opening Day

1 - Saturday featured the opening day for the RPNYC's 125th season

2 - The inner harbour startline led to one of the fishermen managing to catch a yacht. Result? Lots of swearing...



5 - Heading across the line as the gun goes

6 - I moved to Pt. Jerningham to catch the action, here Flying Boat and The Guarantee are going head to head...

7 - The Guarantee tacks...

8 - ...and for a moment, it's all on...

9 - Flying Circus (tacking under a little less pressure)

10 - Blue Magic and Xanadu (background)

11 - St Laurence II at speed, and heading for line and club handicap honours

12 - Andiamo PHRF handicap winner



15 - Blue Magic suffered the indignity of being passed to leeward on the last leg by the somewhat larger Nomos

16 - race results are here

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