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WRC Rally New Zealand (part 3)

1 - Special stage 11 in the afternoon - there was a big crowd and limited space along the fence line, but I elbowed my way to the front and attached the telephoto to get some shots up the road. It couldn't have been much better, the cars were blasting around the corner ('backing it in', as a commentator would say), and the afternoon light was catching the dust trails.

2 - Loeb, still chasing Gronholm for 1st place

3 - Atkinson

4 - Gronholm was under pressure for most of the rally, but managed a close win. He's inches from the bank in this shot


6 - Hirvonen



9 - Solberg, up close!

10 - Stohl



13 - check out the co-driver's eyes

14 - I shifted locations to experiment a little with composition, shutter speed, and framing



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