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Flight of the Conchords @ Arovideo

1 - Flight of the Conchords played a short, free, and somewhat secret set of songs at the tiny but cool video store Arovideo... it was a pretty remarkable event to catch, as the pair won a Grammy for 'Best Comedy Album' a few days ago.

2 - ...okay, maybe a little bit not so secret, seeing as the TV showed up... News of the show featured in and the NZ Herald...

3 - the deal was first in/ first served, so Chiara and I waited in line for a while. The stars showed up, and the first 1/10th of the crowd jammed into the shop...

4 - my mad rush to a half decent vantage point was rewarded with a prime spot halfway up a convenient staircase (right next to a bunch of videographers - you can hear my camera clacking at 15s & 1m33s on this video of their first song)

5 - Jemaine Clement singing something about leaving monkeys alone (video of the song "Issues")


7 - Bret McKenzie about to launch into the first song



10 - Loren Horsley (who played Lily in the New Zealand movie Eagle versus Shark - and looked a little bit different for the role)