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Te Papa's 10th Anniversary

1 - Last weekend featured Te Papa's 10th birthday celebrations (this, by the way, is an Indonesian dancer, and yes, she is a he)

Part 1 (click here for the gallery):
  • New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
  • Carlos Navarrete (Mexican mariachi guitarist)
  • The Beat Squad (Samba/ lounge group)
  • Didik Nini Thowok (Indonesian transgender dancer)
  • Te Ahikaaroa (Kapa haka)
  • Bits and Pieces (some starfish and a trio of odd looking sheep)

Part 2:
  • Caitlin and Sika (World instruments - click here)
  • Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (click here)
  • Julia Deans (of Fur Patrol fame - click here)
  • Queen of the Whole Universe Pageant (drag queens - click here)