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Waitangi Day in Waitangi Park




4 - performers from one of the local Te Reo immersion schools


6 - Waitangi Day morning featured a culture jam under a large marquee

7 - this singer (her name escapes me) sounded exactly like Amy Winehouse. Apparently she doesn't want to go to rehab (no, no, no...)

8 - Expat singer of Maori descent (yes, I've forgotten his name) in the middle of a rousing rendition of 'You Raise Me Up'...

9 - ...leading in to a quite unexpected 'Cabaret'

10 - Marcy discovering the the combination of Wellington's breeze with melting gelato is an excellent way to improve downwind relations... (meanwhile, I've sworn never to take another portrait shot with anything wider than 50mm)

11 - Chiara engages the ten tentacle technique to parry the prying paparazzo