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The Advantages of Sunshine

1 - A pretty uneventful weekend, but I spent a bit of time wandering about getting used to the new Nikon D300's quirks and features. A couple of discoveries today - the camera can stack up to 10 images in RAW space (much like astrophotographers do with RegiStax to improve signal:noise ratio), and the 3d autofocus colour tracking really does work as advertised.

2 - The D300's extra couple of megapixels are no big deal (4288x2848 pixels), but the lack of digital noise is a huge plus - everything looks great up to ISO3200 (if you scroll down a bit, photo 4 in Saturday's post is ISO2500), and ISO6400 presents a nice random grain suitable for black and white.

Anyway, the difficult bits of photography have more to do with vision, composition, access, opportunity, marketing, and luck than equipment - but it is a very nice new toy...