Karim Sahai's 'Yatra' Exhibition

Fellow Wellington photographer Karim Sahai (website/ weblog/ flickr/ photoshelter) is putting on an exhibition of images from a trip around India. Many of Karim's shots exploit extraordinarily shallow depth of field combined with a colour palette and tonal quality that lend an almost surreal quality to the images.

Here's the press release:

A Photographic Journey Through India

18-28 October 2008, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington.

“Yatra” is a word from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language signifying spiritual journey. Through a series of powerful images, Wellington photographer Karim Sahai presents a fascinating journey with an intimate, colorful and often surprising view of life in the world’s second most populous country.

For a preview of the exhibition, visit: http://www.indiaphotojourney.com

“Yatra, A Photographic Journey Through India” was made possible with the support of Canon New Zealand.