Commercial and documentary observational photography. Based in Auckland, New Zealand. Check out the links below or head along to my commercial site.


1 - Last Monday I was honoured to attend the launch of the new Queensberry 'look' (website, logo, and weblog) - Queensberry produce a range of ultra high quality photo albums, and are likely to become a feature of my wedding photography in the near future. If you look closely at the slideshow on their frontpage, you will come across a black and white version of this photo of Vasi from her wedding at the end of 2007. I'm also very pleased to be featured among a number of top wedding photographers on their photographer profile page. Good show all round!




5 - ...also featuring were a number of staff from Auckland's award winning Alt Group who handled a major part of the rebranding process.

5 - Shabnam from Alt Group (pictured here accepting thanks from the Queensberry staff) was my contact for my contribution.