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Brendon and Lucy's Wedding

Last weekend featured the wedding of my cousin Lucy and (now) cousin-in-law Brendon at the scenic Bungalow Coastal Retreat, just south of Oakura in Taranaki. The event was spread over three days, with a Friday afternoon BBQ and Service for Fallen Warriors at the historic Katikara Memorial (Fort St George Redoubt), the Wedding Ceremony (led by Rev Albie Martin) and Reception on Saturday, and a Brunch on Sunday morning.

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:::Pre-Wedding Service for Fallen Warriors, Rehearsal, and Afternoon BBQ (78 photos) - Click here:::

:::Wedding Prelude (55 photos) - Click here:::

:::Wedding Ceremony (54 photos) - Click here:::

:::After Ceremony (32 photos) - Click here:::

:::Posing (42 photos) - Click here:::

:::Family & Friends Neatly Arranged in Rows (12 photos) - Click here:::

:::Reception, Dance, and Fireworks (62 photos) - Click here:::

:::Sunday Brunch (30 photos) - Click here:::